Interested in using some of our posing techniques, or employing the services of one of our horses? Below is a list of all that we have available to the public--if you have any requests, please contact Margo May Kane on the Equus-Sims forum.


The following pose packs are available for download via Mediafire and/or ModtheSims; for more pictures and the link to the download, please click the preview image.

You will need the latest version of cmomoney's Pose Player in order to play these poses All my pose packs are pose-list compatible.

Horses for Download

The following horses are available for free lease--this means that you may download them and use them in your game as you wish, if you desire. However, the following rules apply:

  1. You may NOT re-distribute my horses anywhere else. 
  2. You may NOT breed any of these horses without my consent.
  3. You may NOT copy the coat for use on other horses; to me it is essentially the same as breeding.
  4. You may enter them in shows, but I would prefer to be notified before doing so.

That all may seem a bit strict, but the main purpose of allowing some of my horses to be downloaded is for story-telling purposes, role-play, and/or simply having more horses around to ride and/or train if you desire. If you do download them and decide to use them, I would love to see screenshots--so please, make sure to point me your way!
Installation Instructions:
Place the .sim file in your Sims 3 Documents/SavedSims folder.
Place any .package files in your Sims 3 Documents/Mods/Packages folder.

---- Horses ----
(Download link listed under "Status".)

Other CC

Coming Soon!


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